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GB-201109792-D0: Handles for containers patent, GB-201110369-D0: Tobacco smoke filter with activated carbon patent, GB-201111845-D0: Modular percutaneous valve structure and delivery method patent, GB-201111857-D0: Near field communication apparatus patent, GB-201112736-D0: Apparatus and method for air monitoring patent, GB-201113268-D0: Vehicular mounted adjustable gun rest patent, GB-201113577-D0: Wheelie-bin bag clips patent, GB-201114550-D0: Concept 30 patent, GB-201114672-D0: Apparatus for clamping a threaded rod patent, GB-201116283-D0: Cell voltage monitoring connector system for a fuel cell stack patent, GB-201116915-D0: Edge device patent, GB-201117107-D0: Methods for predicting cancer response to EGFR inhibitors patent, GB-201117143-D0: Camera patent, GB-201117684-D0: Design for under floor heating system for use with all joisted systems patent, GB-201117908-D0: Novel method and products patent, GB-201118769-D0: Controlling a keyboard patent, GB-201118801-D0: Household accessory patent, GB-201119985-D0: Treatment of adrenal insufficiency patent, GB-201120144-D0: Fuel container patent, GB-201120148-D0: The use of solid crystals as continuous light pipes to funnel light into pmt widow patent, GB-201120661-D0: Automatic stop device for motor for door, shutter or the like patent, GB-201122283-D0: Cinema system and related projector patent, GB-201122406-D0: Process patent, GB-201200249-D0: Method and apparatus for examining an object using electromagnetic millimeter-wave signal illumination patent, GB-201200628-D0: Crest factor reduction applied to shaping table to increase power amplifier efficency of envelope tracking amplifier patent, GB-201202356-D0: Semiconductor device structure and manufacturing method thereof patent, GB-201202406-D0: The safety umbrella patent, GB-201202671-D0: Non electric oscillatory fan patent, GB-201202833-D0: Resistive switching in nitrogen-doped mgo patent, GB-201202898-D0: B'Jamas patent, GB-201203067-D0: Communication network patent, GB-201203253-D0: Pharmaceutical compounds patent, GB-201203331-D0: Speaker device patent, GB-201203441-D0: System and method for authenticating a payment transaction patent, GB-201204221-D0: Automated quality control of audio-video media patent, GB-201205790-D0: Transcription of speech patent, GB-201205795-D0: Vector patent, GB-201205910-D0: Improvements on method for sending signals and improvements on entangled sources patent, GB-201206030-D0: Resealable aluminium can tab patent, GB-201207013-D0: Soluble powder paint dispersant and colouring patent, GB-201207150-D0: Payment security check using social media data patent, GB-201207397-D0: improvements in and relating to feet and mobility aids patent, GB-201207663-D0: Tower tray patent, GB-201207706-D0: An improved method of washing/showering for elderly and disabled people patent, GB-201208313-D0: Anchor/Shifting tool with sequential shift then release functionality patent, GB-201208494-D0: Machine tools and methods of operation thereof patent, GB-201208869-D0: Vehicle exit system patent, GB-201210166-D0: Display device patent, GB-201210298-D0: Electrosurgical instrument & system patent, GB-201210734-D0: Obdarmor patent, GB-201211217-D0: Tentacoo (route optimisation device for cyclists) patent, GB-201211305-D0: Tablet press patent, GB-201211982-D0: Biomarker patent, GB-201213321-D0: Lens for mobiles phone patent, GB-201214609-D0: Wheel chair shower patent, GB-201214941-D0: Panel hydroplane patent, GB-201214988-D0: Technology of removing undesired accumulations, such as dust, dirt or hair, from tapestry using electrical charge patent, GB-201215263-D0: Cleaning apparatus for mobile electronic devices patent, GB-201215491-D0: Improvements to a search along a route interfaces and methods patent, GB-201215743-D0: Method and appratus for examining eggs patent, GB-201217090-D0: Permanent production logging using distributed sensing patent, GB-201217486-D0: Containers for sterilizing articles patent, GB-201217516-D0: Magnetic force valve controller patent, GB-201217891-D0: A smoking article patent, GB-201217899-D0: Patient lifting device patent, GB-201217918-D0: Prognostic method patent, GB-201218131-D0: method for accurately measuring fluid level in a vessel patent, GB-201218166-D0: A cleaning device patent, GB-201218547-D0: Opto electronic location system patent, GB-201218803-D0: Dual surface exfoliating and cleansing microfibre mitt patent, GB-201219227-D0: Genetic algorithm optimisation process patent, GB-201219560-D0: Actuator arrangement patent, GB-201219960-D0: Process patent, GB-201220481-D0: Moisture-indicating hydrophilic polyurethane patent, GB-201220773-D0: A toilet air extraction apparatus patent, GB-201220908-D0: Keyboard patent, GB-201222277-D0: Exhaust system for a lean-burn IC engine comprising a PGM component and a SCR catalyst patent, GB-201222809-D0: patent, GB-201223112-D0: Tape head system patent, GB-201223113-D0: Method and peptide for modulating the interaction between ledgf/p75 and mll/menin patent, GB-201300202-D0: Method and means of manufacturing inverted siphon systems patent, GB-201300258-D0: Enterprise decision management patent, GB-201302121-D0: Game with crushing element patent, GB-201302285-D0: Smoking article packs and apparatus and methods for packing smoking articles patent, GB-201302451-D0: Method and system for signal analysis patent, GB-201303578-D0: Weighted folding fans patent, GB-201303929-D0: A vacuum Indicator patent, GB-201304220-D0: Fitness watch case patent, GB-201304875-D0: A Novelty Container patent, GB-201304966-D0: Aluminium doped tin oxide coatings patent, GB-201304967-D0: . patent, GB-201305208-D0: Increasing hydrocabon recovery from reservoirs patent, GB-201306114-D0: Improvements in and relating to the production and control of ions patent, GB-201306230-D0: TRACtrain patent, GB-201307136-D0: Fall arrest systems and anchor patent, GB-201307948-D0: Distributed time interval assignment method in mobile communication systems patent, GB-201308437-D0: Shelves for open-fronted display units patent, GB-201308940-D0: Container closure with retractable pouring spout patent, GB-201309339-D0: Predictive virtual keyboard patent, GB-201309369-D0: Moisture indicating system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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