Elastic sweat cloth



The utility model discloses elastic sweat cloth which comprises warps and wefts, wherein the warps are PTT silks or mixed silks, the wefts are PTT silks or mixed silks, the warps which are the PTT silks or the mixed silks and the wefts which are the PTT silks or the mixed silks are formed into an interlaced structure, the mixed silks are the integral structure which is formed by the mutual twining of spandex silks and chinlon silks, the interlaced structure is on the horizontal direction, the warps are arranged above and under the wefts at intervals, and the wefts are arranged above and under the warps at intervals on the vertical direction. The elastic sweat cloth is low in cost, has various good characteristics such as the flexibility, the elasticity, the chromatophilia, the abrasion resistance and good water absorbability, not only has good color rendering capability, flush and gorgeous color, good appearance, good hand feel, and high comfort level and water absorbing capacity, but also is firmer in weaving structure and durable in use, is really cheap but excellent, and has good market prospect.




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