High molecular resin permeable grating cover plate



The utility model discloses a high molecular resin permeable grating cover plate. The high molecular resin permeable grating cover plate comprises a cover plate body which is integrally formed by mixing, stirring, pouring and pre-casting a high molecular resin composite material, wherein an outer frame seat is arranged around the periphery of the cover plate body; the cover plate body forms a plurality of gratings by fibre reinforced plastic plates; and each grating is filled with a rubble permeable layer. The utility model effectively prevents breeding and spreading of disease-borne mosquitoes, deodorizes, has a permeation function, prevents foreign matters from being discharged into ditches, keeps the water flow in the ditches smoothly, effectively avoids stealing to provide great help to promote the public security image, avoids wasteful duplication of national social resources, has a permeation rate of 2.5sec/cm, achieves colourful totem products, has an environment beautification effect, prevents people with high-heel shoes from missing a step, has anti-skidding performance and can resist the corrosion of various acidic and alkaline compounds.




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