Unidirectional locking piece for decorative insulating board connectors



The utility model discloses a unidirectional locking piece for decorative insulating board connectors, which is characterized in that an annular sealed groove is arranged on the surface of a spacer, guide teeth are arranged inside the annular sealed groove, a mounting hole is arranged in the center of the spacer, a positioning gear plate is arranged on the surface of the annular sealed groove, arc wings projecting downwards are formed on the edge of the positioning gear plate, and ends of the arc wings contact with the guide teeth. The unidirectional locking piece is simple in structure, has a twin-compass structure, has fine fastening function by utilizing positioning effect between the arc wings and the guide teeth to match with screws during mounting, cannot easily loosen, is fine in practicality, and has outstanding substantial characteristics and evident improvement compared with the prior art.




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