Water heater


  • Inventors: XU XING
  • Assignees: 徐星
  • Publication Date: November 24, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201652721-U


A water heater comprises a compressor body, a small water container, a water inlet and outlet pipe and a water storage tank that are in sequential connection, and is characterized in that the small water container is connected into a whole with the compressor or a high-pressure steam exhaust pipe of the compressor; and a water inlet and a water outlet of the small water container are respectively connected into a whole with the water storage tank through the water pipe and a switch. In the utility model, the water heater is required to be connected into a whole with the air conditioning compressor for absorbing heat generated by the air conditioning compressor to achieve the purpose of producing hot water, so that the water heater is power-saving, safe and reliable to use. When the water heater is used in summer, the energy efficiency ratio of an air conditioner can be improved, and when the water heater is used for producing hot water in winter, power can be saved by 60 percent in comparison with an electric water heater (the energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioning compressor is about 3).




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