Automobile harness adaptor device



The utility model provides an automobile harness adaptor device, which belongs to the field of automobiles and solves the problems that high-voltage harnesses in an existing electric automobile can not be turned at corner positions inside the automobile, have untidy arrangement, are unattractive and the like due to large diameters and large number of the harnesses. The automobile harness adaptor device is used for connecting two sections of independent harnesses and is characterized by comprising an angular casing pipe made of insulating materials. A conducting wire is mounted inside the casing pipe, and connecting structures arranged at two ends of the casing pipe can lead two ends of the conducting wire to be connected with the harnesses needing to be connected. The automobile harness adaptor device leads the harnesses to turn at the corner positions inside an automobile, ensures neat, orderly and attractive arrangement of the harnesses passing through corners inside the automobile, thoroughly solves the problem of 'small space and large turning, and greatly reduces arrangement space.




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