Lateral detonation connector for blasting



The utility model relates to a lateral detonation connector for blasting, which comprises a connecting base, a fixing pin, shock-conducting tubes, a detonator and the like, wherein the detonator is arranged in the middle of the connected base, and is fixed on the connecting base by the fixing pin, cambered grooves are arranged in the left end of the connecting base, the non-electric tubes are arranged in the cambered channels of the connecting base, and are firmly locked and fixed by duckbilled semicircular hook bolts on the left end of the connecting base, the axes of the shock-conducting tubes are arranged in parallel with the axis of the detonator, and are circumferentially distributed along the detonator, and the lower side of the connecting base is provided with an explosion release groove, which can reduce the forward impact of the explosion wave in order to prevent the damage of a multi-point explosion network. The utility model, which has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, convenient use, low cost and the like, effectively enlarges the detonated area of the shock-conducting tubes, ensures the reliability of detonation, and meets the requirement of the detonation of perforations of various multi-point networks.




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