Anti-disassembling wrist electronic tag


  • Inventors: SHEN LEI
  • Assignees: 沈磊
  • Publication Date: December 01, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201662823-U


The utility model relates to an anti-disassembling wrist electronic tag comprising a tag body, wherein two ends of the tag body are connected through a clamp ring; a circuit board is arranged in the tag body and comprises a high-power chip welded with a crystal oscillation circuit and a ZIGBEE chip; the high-power chip is connected with a PCB antenna through a circuit; the ZIGBEE chip is respectively connected with a battery circuit, an anti-disassembling circuit and an alarm circuit through circuits; the anti-disassembling circuit is connected on the inner wall of the tag body; and the high-power chip is connected with the ZIGBEE chip through a circuit. The utility model has the benefits that the electronic tag can complete the automatic identification of the personnel and the disturbance-free automatic examination of the legal identity matching with read-write equipment. The utility model has the characteristics of far identification distance, high identification accuracy, fast identification speed, strong antijamming capability, long service life and wide application range.




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