Semi-submerged semi-suspended type floating raft-cage device for culturing sea cucumbers


  • Inventors: AO ZHIHUI
  • Assignees: 敖志辉
  • Publication Date: December 08, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201663859-U


The utility model discloses a semi-submerged semi-suspended type floating raft cage device for culturing sea cucumbers, which relates to fishery seawater floating raft cage culture and utilizes the conventional culture tools such as floating rafts, cages and the like for culturing seashells to culture sea cucumbers through little adjustment and modification. Long-term and large-scale high-density single variety seashell culture results in reduction of seawater nutrient substances, flow retardance and frequent occurrence of diseases and pests in part of aquaculture areas in Liaoning Province and the like, and unexpected death of large-area seashells results in increase of seashell culture cost and risk increase; and in the device for culturing semi-submerged semi-suspended type floating raft cage sea cucumber, a cage for culturing seashells is horizontally, transversely hung on raft bodies of two floating rafts, the total length of a buoyancy rope plus a suspending rope (at the time of low tide) is adjusted to larger than the distance between the sea level and the seabed, and the device is formed; the device can lead the cage to be totally submerged into the sea at low tide and to totally separate from the seabed at full tide or spring tide. The device has the benefits of prevention of environment pollution, energy conservation, labor conservation and greatly-increased efficiency, and provides new technology and development direction for rotational culture and mixed culture of the sea cucumbers with seashells.




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