Portable ear, face and chin insulation cover


  • Inventors: LEI BORAN
  • Assignees: 雷博然
  • Publication Date: December 08, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201663929-U


The utility model discloses a portable ear, face and chin insulation cover which has the characteristics that the ear and face insulation cover can cover the faces containing the cheeks and ears, and is formed by the combination of two or more layers of fluff cloth containing waterproof cloth, leather, artificial leather, composite cloth, fur, reflectorized material, sponge and staple rayon with an elastic support frame with rigidity through cutting and seaming; the insulation cover consists of two ear insulation covers, an elastic clamping beam with rigidity, a chin cover and a nose bridge cover; wherein the chin cover is woven by woolen knitting yarns and can cover the chin; the nose bridge cover can cover the transition area from the cheek to the nose bridge containing the nose and the upper lip; the ear and face insulation cover, the chin cover and the nose bridge cover are provided with snap-fasteners containing fasteners or fastener holes; the elastic support frame with rigidity is provided with rivet holes containing axle holes or insertion hanger bolts; and all the units form the folding portable ear, face and chin insulation cover through connection and combination.




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