Coalification furnace gas-liquid separator



The utility model discloses an important device of coalification furnace, namely, a coalification furnace gas-liquid separator. The coalification furnace is used for the cleaning and combustion of coal in the cleaning coal industry. The coalification furnace gas-liquid separator consists of a housing 1, a gas outlet pipe 2, a crude gas inlet pipe 3, a connecting reinforcement 4, an annular jet pipe 5, spiral nozzles 6, an oil-water mixed liquor outlet 7. The gas inlet pipe 3 is communicated with a gas collector of the coalification furnace, the gas outlet pipe 2 is connected to a rear primary cooler, one end of the annular pipe 5 is connected to a circulating ammonia pipe, and 2-10 spiral nozzles 6 are uniformly distributed along the annular direction. The crude gas flows into indoors via the gas inlet pipe 3 and before the crude gas flows out via the gas outlet pipe by intensively spraying the circulating ammonia water with a gauge pressure of 150-200 kPa via nozzles to quickly lower the temperature of the crude gas, therefore, most of the coal dust, granule, tar or naphthalene etc. are separated from the crude gas and flow out via the oil-gas mixed liquor outlet 7. The separator has the characteristics of good effects on temperature reduction and separation efficiency.




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