Portable electronic alarm



A portable electronic alarm comprises a voice amplifying circuit and a singlechip main control alarm sound source circuit. The output ends of the voice amplifying circuit and the single chip main control sound source circuit are both connected with a pre-amplification circuit, the output end of which is connected with a power amplifying circuit, the output end of which is connected with a loudspeaker, wherein the voice amplifying circuit, the singlechip main control alarm sound source circuit, the pre-amplification circuit and the power amplifying circuit are all connected with a power circuit. By adopting the technical scheme, the portable electronic alarm can mutually give out pre-alarm, air alarm, white alert, disaster alarm, firefighting alarm and other alarm types according to the requirements of users; the sound can be amplified; and with the respect to sound amplification, the uninterrupted alternating current and direct current power supply and undervoltage protection of a battery are adopted, therefore, the carrying is convenient. The alarm has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple operation, multiple functions and alarm types, strong mobility, safety, practicability and the like.




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