Television and television network system



The utility model provides a television, which comprises a camera, a display, an electronic tag scanner, an animation information download plug-in and a central processor. The electronic tag scanner is connected with the camera and used for scanning electronic tags in images acquired by the camera to obtain corresponding mark information, the animation information download plug-in is connected with the electronic tag scanner and used for sending mark information scanned by the electronic tag scanner to a server so as to download animation information corresponding to the mark information in the server, and the central processor is connected with the animation information download plug-in and the display and used for controlling the display to play corresponding animations according to the animation information downloaded by the animation information download plug-in. Correspondingly, the utility model further provides a television network system. By aid of the television and the television network system, users can lead the television to play animations corresponding to print media contents in relevant books according to needs, thereby increasing interactivity of the users and the television and improving experiences of the users.




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