Vegetable fiber product with protective layer


  • Inventors: LI SUYANG
  • Assignees: 李苏扬
  • Publication Date: December 22, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201678318-U


The utility model discloses a vegetable fiber product with a protective layer, which is characterized in that the surface of a product main body is provided with the protective layer; the protective layer is made of a normal temperature curing resin, or thermocuring resin, or ultraviolet curing resin; and the protective layer is coated on the surface of the product main body by adopting a spraying method, or the product main body is immersed into liquid in which the protective layer is formed, so that the protective layer is adhered on the surface of the product main body, or the surface of the product is subjected to electrostatic spraying. The utility model greatly improves waterproof and moistureproof capabilities of the vegetable fiber product, prolongs the service life of the product and not only can be used repeatedly and save resources and energy, but also can reduce use cost.




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