Engine preheater control structure



The utility model discloses an engine preheater control structure which comprises a control panel arranged in front, wherein a motor, an engine, an inlet manifold, a preheater and an air filter are arranged behind the control panel and sequentially arranged from left to right; the engine preheater control structure also comprises a control circuit constructed by a preheater, a preheating indicator, a preheating control switch, storage batteries, a relay and etc.; the utility model is characterized in that in that: the preheater is mounted between the engine inlet manifold and the air filter; the preheating control switch is arranged on the control panel and is adjacent to the ignition switch on the control panel; the relay is arranged on one end of the rear surface of the control panel corresponding to the inlet manifold and the preheater; the storage batteries are arranged behind the motor side by side; and the preheating indicator is arranged on the control panel under the preheating control switch. The engine preheater control structure has simple structure, reasonable arrangement, not only sufficiently utilizes the contour dimension of a narrow-space generator set, but also has the advantages of convenient operation, safety and reliability.




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