Household bean sprout cultivating device


  • Inventors: GUO RUILIN
  • Assignees: 郭瑞林
  • Publication Date: December 29, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201682857-U


A household bean sprout cultivating device comprises a cultivating barrel, a water tank and a base, wherein the water tank is arranged at the lower part of the cultivating barrel; the base is arranged at the lower part of the water tank; the water tank is fixedly connected with the base; the cultivating barrel can be placed on the water tank; a filter screen is arranged at the bottom of the cultivating barrel; a bean sprout net frame is arranged above the filter screen and can be divided into four parts through separating plates; a limber hole is formed at the bottom of the cultivating barrel; a water storage device is arranged at the center of the base and is a concave shape; a water pump and a temperature controlled heating rod are arranged in the water storage device; and a power switch is arranged at the lower part of the base and is linked with the water pump and the temperature controlled heating rod for controlling the temperature of the bean sprout cultivating device. The bean sprout cultivating device provided by the utility model has the advantages of convenient use, short cultivating time, infrequent changing of water, continuous cultivation, safer operation and the like.




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